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Climate change requires immediate action.

At Someone Somewhere, we create products that contribute to solving social issues while being responsible for the environment. As a BCorp and Climate Neutral Certified brand, we contribute to ten 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through our work with rural artisans in Latin America, we view sustainability through four dimensions: Cultural, Environmental, Social, and Economic.

What does it mean to be Climate Neutral Certified?

Starting today, our products will bear the Climate Neutral Certified label. Climate Neutral is a nonprofit committed to solving climate change by making carbon neutrality simple and accessible. All the brands certifying this year go through the same process to measure, reduce, and offset their emissions.
Together, Climate Neutral Certified companies are working to eliminate more than 1,000,000 tonnes of carbon emissions - and we’re just getting started! These companies offer products and services across a wide range of industries, from apparel to media. Next time you’re considering a new product, keep an eye out for the Climate Neutral Certified label..

Our People Strategy centers around generating fair and consistent job opportunities for everyone in our value chain. We develop and share best practices among the artisanal and manufacturing sector while connecting them with the rest of the planet in a responsible way.

Our Planet Strategy first focuses on measuring the ecological footprints of our products and processes, reducing our impacts from product design to last-mile delivery, and offsetting the remaining carbon emissions.

The reality is that even after facing an unprecedented global pandemic (and everything else 2021 threw at us), climate change is still the single biggest threat to humanity;but we have the tools to stop it. Becoming Climate Neutral Certified is a months-long effort to measure, reduce, and offset our carbon footprint. These are actions that all brands - and individuals - can and should take now to “flatten the curve” of carbon emissions.

Sustainability and the environment have been part of our DNA since day one, and today we’re thrilled that we’re able to join hundreds of Climate Neutral Certified brands in taking meaningful action for the climate.

How did we get here?

From the artisan and indigenous communities we work with, we have learned so much about what it means to live in harmony with the environment, and how we can be better stewards of our planet.

This year we worked with Climate Neutral to measure and offset 2021's carbon emissions and identified ways to reduce future emissions. Every day we weave enough recycled yarn to go around the world twice, and in the last year alone we have rescued more than 150 tons of textile waste.

But the work doesn't stop there. We must reduce our future emissions to limit climate change. Over the next few months, we'll be hard working on measuring, optimizing and reducing our environmental impact from the design of the products to the delivery to the final customer and offsets the remaining carbon emissions by investing in forest conservation projects in Latin America and clean energy generation.

This certification is just the beginning of a long-term commitment, where we seek to:

  • Design products that last over time.
  • Design products that are easy to repair, recycle and reuse.
  • Develop and continue to use materials with a lower carbon footprint and water footprint.
  • Optimize our logistics and distribution through technology and best practices that are friendly to the environment.
  • Reduce the use and consumption of plastics.
  • Continue to use biodegradable packaging.
  • Make use of renewable energy in our administrative and operational facilities.
  • Develop our suppliers to work for this common goal.

To The Future

We’re thrilled to be in good company with this year’s Climate Neutral Certified brands. We believe in Climate Neutral’s mission of taking action now to solve a problem that we understand to be an urgent threat. We’re glad you’re with us for the journey. Let’s work together to tackle climate change faster.


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