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Someone Somewhere

Are You a change Maker?

Transform your supply chain to generate Social and Enviromental Impact?

Social and Enviromental Impact

Certified to help you transform your supply chain

Reverse Engineering

A key product in your value chain

New Product Design

A new product in your value chain

Simple Sourcing

A product from our existing catalog

Transformation tools

Proprietary pathway methodology
we have found the way to scale working with artisans.

In house design team
All star team that can make your product teams a reality.

We use the power of generative AI to accelerate the product ideation and development process.

Supply chain
Expert sourcing, production, operations and logistics team to make large-scale projects a reality.

Impact measurement
Understand the real social and environmental impact your collaboration is making.

We've done this before:

Now, all Delta One® passengers receive a hand-crafted amenity bag made by expert artisans in Mexico.

This Delta Airlines - Someone Somewhere partnership has resulted in: