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Mother's Day: Diana and Valentina

by Antonio Nuno on May 10, 2021

Mother's Day: Diana and Valentina

Mother’s Day has a special place in our hearts. We all have childhood memories of us making our gifts for her, either at home or school. We poured our love into crafting these presents knowing our moms were always there for us no matter what. In Someone Somewhere, we want to say thanks to the women who gave to us such an important place in their lives and hearts. On this occasion, we sat down with Diana, Art Manager at Someone Somewhere, who recently became a mom, to listen to her experiences, the challenges she finds, and, on top of all, the joy she feels with her little Valentina.

Someone Somewhere (SS): Hi Diana, could you describe how you felt when you saw Valentina for the first time? 

Diana: I planned for months for the moment of her arrival. There were many expectations and wanted it to be just as I imagined. For this reason, I didn't want any kind of surgical intervention and opted for a water birth, keeping this as natural as possible. It was wonderful because it allowed me to hold her as soon as she was born, they just cleaned her and gave her to me to hold. I thought to myself "I’m going to cry", just like every mother when meeting her baby for the first time, but more than anything it was a cathartic experience. 

When I had her in my arms, I thought: “you are seeing a new human that you know and at the same time you don’t; you know her because she was inside of you, but you don’t cause she is an entirely new person”. It’s a feeling of happiness, of wonder, of having overcome a very big challenge that leads to another: that of being a mother. It was a strong emotional shock, but a very beautiful one as well. I can’t explain it, it is something incredible, wonderful, finally meeting her after nine months of patiently waiting.

SS: Now that you are mom, do you think that something has changed in you, something about the way you view life?

Diana: Yes, my life took a 180-degree turn. I think all of us expect certain things about motherhood: that it will all be beautiful and perfect, but the truth is that it comes with a lot of new responsibilities. It changes your perspective on life and how you approach it. You feel a sense of duty towards a new being, to take care and be mindful of everything you do, all of your actions because they will directly impact her. From our relationship to every individual choice, it all shapes the world in where she’ll live and that's one of the big challenges of being a parent. Still, motherhood is beautiful. Seeing a delicate being who depends on you, smile or sleep peacefully means everything. Of course, there are times when you're tired and it's easy to get frustrated, that's when you wonder “am I doing this well?”. I've had that feeling many times because I like that I owe everything to her, I owe her to be being the best person I can be for her. 

SS: Although Valentina is still very small, do you have a story of what you've lived so far with her that you want to share?

Diana: ¡All our moments together are amazing! Despite the short time with her, I have experienced so many emotions. My baby arrived a little early and at a difficult time. The last couple of months before delivery were stressful. My grandmother and my uncle died from covid just two months before she was born. They were very close to me, so on the one hand there was the happiness of knowing that I was going to meet her, but on the other, there was the sadness of the two losses. Valentina has been a warrior, as her name implies: “courageous, brave, strong”. I gave her that name since I knew she was a girl, and the reason is that I know she comes to a very difficult world, and I wanted her name to carry strength, to be a brave woman who can face any challenge that comes her way. 

Besides this, there was also the responsibility of my work. I consider myself a workaholic because I worked until the last day of my pregnancy. At Someone Somewhere there was no problem, as I took a maternity leave. But in addition to this work, I'm also a visual artist, so I have many personal projects and couldn’t neglect them, especially one, in particular, that was in progress. So I worked day and night for a couple of days. One of those days I said to my Valentina: "OK, I already know you want to come, but please wait until I finish this". On the third day, I turned in the work at 2 PM, and just moments later, I started contractions! It was as if she had listened to me and given me time to finish my work. I feel like she understood me, and it was very nice. I felt a magical connection with her.

SS: Finally, in three words, how would you describe being a mom?

Diana: It’s beautiful. It’s hard. And it’s amazing! In the true sense of the word, because you don’t believe it's happening. Your life takes a different direction and stops revolving around what it used to, in my case, my work. When a baby comes into your life, there is a change of mindset in your head and this new little person becomes your priority. I've always wanted to be successful, but now, I no longer want it just for myself or because of the expectations that other people have of me; now I wish to be great for her. 

On behalf of the Someone Somewhere team, we not only thank Diana but congratulate her and wish her the best in this new phase of her life. We know that being a mother is not always easy, but we still want to tell all moms that they are doing well! 

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