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5 undiscovered places in Mexico to visit

5 undiscovered places in Mexico to visit

You may know Mexico for our amazing beaches, and yes, we do have amazing beaches, but there are also other great places to visit and not that touristic or full of people. 

Places with multicolored lagoons, colonial forts, and even whole regions filled...

Grl Pwr: the stories behind Someone Somewhere.

Grl Pwr: the stories behind Someone Somewhere.

Andrea Rodríguez - People Coordinator

What are you most proud of in your life and/or work trajectory?

Uff, without a doubt, having come to Someone Somewhere; almost two years ago, I managed to get...

Grl Pwr: The Force Behind Someone Somewhere

Grl Pwr: The Force Behind Someone Somewhere

Every month we honor the women who make this dream called Someone Somewhere possible. This 2022 we want to focus on passing on success stories from our internal team. In addition, of course, to contributing their advice, anecdotes, and words of encouragement to the gender...

Mother's Day: Diana and Valentina


Mother’s Day has a special place in our hearts. On this occasion, we sat down with Diana, Art Manager at Someone Somewhere, who recently became a mom, to listen to her experiences, the challenges she finds, and, on top of all, the joy she feels with her little Valentina.

Journey to the volcanoes: an aventure of fire and ice

Rodrigo Esteva, photographer and adventurer, shares his experiences while hiking two of Guatemala's most active volcanoes: Acatenango and Pacaya.Each year, people from all corners of the globe visit these towering volcanoes to witness their power and magnificence.

Earth Day: "El Buen Vivir"

Today we commemorate Mother Earth, the planet we live in and that gives us everything. We want to raise awareness on the way we treat it and what we can do better. We talked to Enrique Rodríguez, our CFO, on how to manage the problems that are arising from climate change. 

The Craftsmanship Behind the New Lifeproof Pullover

Women's History Month: Meet Pam

Women's History Month: Meet Dani

Women's History Month: Meet Nadine